Janet & Her Paintbox

Janet Davis, email address beautifulbotany(at sign)sympatico(dot)ca is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer whose words and images have been featured in numerous books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements and packaging.

Janet Davis - red hat - 3x3

Janet began her freelance career three decades ago.  She wrote a weekly gardening column for two of Canada’s largest newspapers and penned and photographed features for a host of North American magazines. She was also the online garden magazine editor for a large national website. Her stock photo collection features 120,000+ photos of plants of all types, landscape elements, nature, insect pollinators (especially honey bees), botanical themes, public and private gardens, and travel destinations around the world.

Janet’s real passion is colour – specifically, how to understand it and use it effectively in the garden, choosing flowers and foliage and furnishings that work beautifully together. Thus was born The Paintbox Garden, featuring thousands of plants and creative combinations in a rainbow of colours, gathered from the hundreds of beautiful gardens Janet has visited in her long career.



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